Priority after blocking a focus attack?

Aside from a high priority move like shoryuken, is it solely dependent on which character has faster normals to get into their block string/combos or timing?
It seems to be happening to Viper and Juri whenever I fight against a friend. I jump in and attack, see focus attack, block low, opponent(Ryu) dashes forward after FA and his jab beats mine even though he’s dashing forward.
I can’t seem to get this correctly no matter how many times I try to time it correctly much like tech throwing when I know it’s coming.

The answer is not to throw out any pokes. Usually, the person who is dashing out of a blocked focus is either neutral or has a slight advantage, so generally throws will beat pokes.

It’s character dependent. Level 1 and level 2 FAs have different blockstun (higher on 2 of course), and then every character has a different dash time which determines their blocked disadvantage. Chun Li was the only character at advantage on a blocked level 1 in vanilla, IIRC. Rose was huge negative even on a level 2 funnily enough, because her dash was fast but lasted forever.