Priority & Crossups

OK so when I play CVS2 with my friend he always hits me first…ive tried to use light punches and kicks and stuff to get my shit in…but everytime it seems his wins over and he hits me…AM I JUST TOTALLY RETARDED AND HES SIMPLY HITTING FIRST…which is something i dont get becuase ill be pressing light kick when hes rolling in or getting up…and he hits me…its like…wTF…also what are some methods on Approaching your opponent…i know some combos but its hard to get in close to someone without getting hit obviously…rolling in i either get thrown or simply tripped…and then I get whomped on…its annoying…and if i try to jump in…a simple light punch hits me and throws me away…so…wth… My last question is Crossups…whats the whole idea behind crossups…im constantly getting hit by them but im not sure how to do them myself? i just just to jump over someone and press high kick and bam i get a crossup?..i dont get the concept…ive SEEN them in videos and been used ON me…but…i cant do it…its frustrating to not be able to do something that seems so easy…

I’m sorry to say… yes, you probably are. :lol:

But more seriously, from your post you seem to have very little understanding of what you are doing. If they are using light punch as an anti air you are doing something seriously wrong. There are SOME occasions when this is the right button to press, but I’m not going to get into it.

Crossups - each character usually has a button that will cross up. Medium kick is a very common one (shotos, blanka, rolento, sakura etc) but it is not always this move.

Approaching? Learn some basic footsies. This will also help you learn when to jump.

Punishing rolls - unless you know the timing (which it seems you dont)… and even if you do… punishing a roll with a light attack is not the best. Light attacks have a short number of hit frames meaning you have to be more accurate. Try using a crouching medium attack instead, as they tend to have longer hitting frames while at the same time are still relatively fast.

Block stun - I’m willing to guess you are mashing on buttons when your friend is already hitting you. Dont. This will result in you getting hit 99% of the time unless you are putting thought to it.

Priority - some moves simply have a better hitbox and will hit your character beofre your character’s hit box hits them. Learn these moves as if you press buttons at the same time they will win. It’s often move-to-move specific. With jabs it’s quite possible your hit box ended and you get punshed in the face while recovering.