Priority List


Footsies? Combos? Bar management? Normals? Match-ups? Anti-airs? Etc?


I put it an order where you get the most benefit for the least amount of skill then moving forward. You can learn the A B C categories parallel from each other… You should advance in passive stuff fastest while defense is something people tend to advance in slowest. You probably want to keep with in 3 numbers from each other IE: if you have trouble Anti-Airing, don’t go passed Corner Advantage or Anti Throw Options until you move on to pokes. That will keep you from getting polarized and developing holes in your game. If you ever have an issue with something lower on the list while you are doing something more advanced, go back to that point and start again. You must always have a plan before going into a match…

Must Always Have A Pre-Match Gameplan.
A. Offense is pretty general early on…
1 Anti Air
2 Pokes
3 Baits
4 Punish Combos
5 Counter Pokes
6 Hit Confirm Combos
7 Wake Up Games
8 Up Close Pressure
9 Match Up Specifics
B. Defense is mainly match up specific stuffs…
1 Spacing vs Jump Ins
2 Spacing vs Metered Options
3 Blocking
4 Anti Throw Options
5 Escape Options
6 Reversal Management
7 Situational Awareness
8 Aggression Management
9 Bad Match Up Strategy
C. Passive stuff is important and commonly overlooked by new players…
1 Stage Specifics
2 Stage Position Management
3 Proper Attack/Combo Choice
4 Corner Advantage
5 Meter Management
6 Life VS Risk Management
7 Active Opponent Analysis
8 Time Management
9 Opponent Prediction


I don’t think you can break these things down into discrete parts in the sense that you can learn everything about normals before moving into footsies. almost all these things are intertwined. everything you’ve listed overlaps with at least one other thing you listed. I’m sure theres plenty of beginner tutorials that get you going in the right direction though depending on what game you play.