Priority properties

So this has been brought up multiple places in different threads but i thought it would be a good idea to have everyone’s input consolidated in one place.
Priority is generally thought of as being composed of a few different things:

a) where the active hit box of move A is in relation to move B
b) the duration of active frames of move A in relation to move B (increasing the chance of move A winning, this also includes meaties where the opponent wakes up into a move)
c) the speed at which a move gets to its active hitboxes

but is there another category E which would be priority alone? meaning assuming that everything else lines up will a move ALWAYS trade? assuming both hit boxes are active and overlapping each other will a trade always occur? i tend to think yes but i am not entirely sure.

i’m going to test some stuff a little later today while looking at some frame data and edit this post with my findings but i’m interested to see what other people already know or think about the subject.

I’ve never heard of this mattering, it just happens that a lot of special and super moves have long invincibility.

there is no in-game priority ranking or something, a move having “high priority” just means that it has a tendency to beat out other moves for a variety of reasons, it’s not like a move can have an official prioty

i think this is generally correct and edited the first post b/c of it.

but what about genei jin? if this theory is true then there is no reason why any genei jin normal would be different from any of yun’s normals otherwise. genei jin is not invincible while activated but i’m unsure of its other properties.

it speeds up all his moves so his shit beats yours

yes, every one of Yun’s moves gains faster start-up, and thus priority, which is why you can link s.MP and f.HP and other fun stuff

That doesn’t explain why yun’s GJ normals can trade with supers like Ken’s SA3. Do yun’s normals have invincibility at the beginning? If not, something more complicated is going on in the background.

i don’t think ken’s sa3 has any invincibility so moves will hit on the same frame alot (theory)

i don’t know if that works because a wakeup sa3 from ken will breeze through any meaty where it will trade with a genei jin normal done meaty.
both are waking up into active frames.
in addition if ken does an sa3 out of nowhere and you try to back fierce it with chun youll get sucked in while yun can trade in genei.

and a request for yun players to tell stories about any weird shit happening on wakeup while in GJ. when people wake up with fierce shoryus, EX shoryus, different supers and whatnot. theres allot that can happen and i think if we pool together theres some interesting information to uncover.

Oh boyyyyyy…

I’m almost certain that Ken’s Shippu has no invicibility. I’ve beaten in many times with an early command grab with Makoto.

Also, if the super even came out, the meaty wasn’t done properly. If they wake up inside of a hitbox, not even the first frame of any action will happen.

i cr.short’d hugo out of gigas after the flash

soo much misinformation…

Ken’s sa3 has startup, and plenty of invincibility. You’re simply grabbing the startup of the super, nothing more nothing less. any non grab/super will get beat clean by sa3: uppercuts, ex uppercuts, 1st frame otg moves, etc.

and your second point just goes against street fighter in general…ever since championship edition you can wakeup with a reversal no matter what. even if you raging demon the whole screen, I can still wakeup uppercut it. knowledge is power. questions> i’m not 100% sure answers…

Was it dashing gigas? if not that is insane.
For some reason dashing gigas weird shit can happen allot… ive been thrown and hit out of it. i don’t know why i just know dash gigas is strange.

Actually, your incorrect
A meaty in 3s can snuff almost all wake ups not having invincibility.
I’ve seen Chun’s A.Frc snuff reversal SRKs all the time. It just has to be timed right.
I would actually believe that there is some sort of number value given to each individual move that declares what beats what. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never beable to get Ibuki’s Cr.Stg to beat Chun’s A.Frc. I’ve tried so many times with different timings and it never works. Of course unless the A.Frc has already ended then its a different matter.
When two attack boxes meet each other on the first frame which one wins? Or do they exchange hits? The priority level of the attack would determine this. If there even, then they exchange. If one is higher then the other, then it wins. I’m not certain an actually numerical value being assigned to each individual move, but it would make sense to me.

I actually don’t think this is possible. I’d need to see a video

Genei-jin does retarded things though not sure why. Does it ignore invincibility or something? It can beat out EX shoryus which have some invincibility. and a lot of supers which have walls of the stuff Never seen it beat gigas but I’m not too surprised with all the other seemingly impossible things it can stuff IE everything

What is an A.Frc? Either way, I’m still not convinced a perfectly timed srk can be beat by anything other than a move with longer invincibility.

lol so you think i’d lie about something random like that?

hugo flashed, cr.short came out i win

Away fierce, b+hp

It does trade with srk, so does Alex st.hp, dudleys sweep, shoto sweep etc.

I know for a fact kens EX srk trades with dudleys sweep. Pretty sure his sweep doesn’t have invincibility.

True_tech: I’ve seen it a couple of times. Even seen shoto c.hp beat gigas clean:looney: