Is there a rating system for a move’s priority? Or a list of moves from highest to lowest priority?

How does priority work, anyway? is it just a tie breaker if the hit frames come out at the same time?


It’s got to do with 2 factors:

  1. frame data
  2. hitboxes

If you have ST HDR go to training mode and turn on the hitboxes it’ll be clear right away.


Lets say I don’t have HDR. I understand the frame data, but the hit boxes are a little fuzzy to me. Enlighten me.


hitboxes work the same way in hdr, but in training mode you can actually turn on hitboxes so you can get a visual representation of attact properties. almost all attacks have an attack hitbox and a vunerable hitbox that overlap each other. (except rog’s cr. strong, his whole arm has no vunerable box. not sure who else has an attack like that)

think of ken’s cr. forward. his leg has an attack hitbox, and a vunerable hitbox where he can be hit. priority is based on the attack’s startup time (time for the attack hitbox to appear), and how much of his leg has a vunerable hitbox.

a “high priority” move would be an attack that has a fast startup time along with a vunerable hitbox much smaller than the attack hitbox.


red: attack boxes, blue: vunerable boxes.


I would say that hitboxes are determined partially by the angle of the attack as it attempts to connect w/ the opponent’s body. For instance, in the air, jump attacks that hit horizontally/parallel to the floor tend to beat angled jump attacks, unless the angled attacks are faster or the opponent’s hitbox seems to change a lot during the attack that was being used. If the angled attack is pointed upwards though, for example, and the other player is in the air and above the attacker (higher in the air), the attack will hit the character from underneath him/her. (I hope this makes sense!)