In various fighting games, people have always talked about ‘priority’. I’m still a noob but it doesn’t seem like a well-defined concept.
The ‘winner’ of a clash seems to be about shrinking dis-jointed hitboxes, and moves which attack points on screen, but don’t make you ‘hittable’ at that point.


dunno what the point of this thread is, just arbitrary discussion I guess D:

There is no defined priority stat, just hitboxes.

Priority basically refers to the general success of one move over powering another due to having a better hitbox or more invincibility frames. Moves have perceived priority due to their hitboxes and utility.

There is another definition of priority refering to overlapped inputs which can be explained here more or less

Priority is all about active and vulnerable hitboxes at the point of contact. Vulnerability refers to vulnerability against throws, attacks and/or projectiles. Active hitboxes are those that are capable of doing damage.

Moves that startup quickly usually have higher priority because their active hitboxes materialize quicker and therefore are able to intercept slower moves while they’re starting up, provided they make contact with a hitbox vulnerable to that type of attack.

When it comes to moves that start out simultaneously, then it works something like this:
If the active hitbox of your attack overlaps a part of opponent’s move that is invincible to that type of attack, and at least one of his move’s active hitboxes overlaps at least one of your move’s vulnerable hitboxes, his move will win. So it can be said that his move has priority over yours. The amount of priority a move has against another is a combination of how long it is invulnerable to that type of attack, the size of the invulnerable hitbox during this window, and the position of it’s active hitbox during this period.

Look at the following image:

Active hit boxes (ones with a red border) are the areas of a move capable of doing damage.
Green hit boxes are susceptible to normals (or specials) attacks or projectiles, but not throws
Blue hit boxes are susceptible to normals (or specials) and throws, but not projectiles
Orange hit boxes are susceptible to all attacks.
Anything that doesn’t have a coloured square over hit cannot interact with another move.

It should be clear to see why Ryu’s DP has priority over most moves and why Zangief’s lariat is hard to beat with a standing attack.

For more hitbox info check this thread: