Prison guards may be responsible for half of prison sex assaults


Sounds like an actual rape culture to me, only women are leading the charge here, both in staff-inmate cases and inmate-inmate cases. Down with the matriarchy?


If you a guy who havent have it in a while and a woman is trying to get in your pants are you going to refuse?

You can’t rape the willing.


^That’s assuming that all the cases of female-male sex assault were all willing, though most of them that were substantiated appeared to be. Still doesn’t account for the same gender assaults, which women still had a lead on.


they should just make the new rape for rape law. if you rape then you get raped by 10 other dudes in a row.

that way you never rape again :coffee:


Will it be every voting-citizen’s civic duty to serve on one of these rape squads?


but what if you’re gay?


Then there’s the OTHER way guards cause rape: they’ll put a scrawny little guy (usually a white guy) in a cell with big gay Bubba, who is large enough to easily overpower him, and they know exactly what’s going to happen, then they’ll put him back in there after he gets checked out by the doctor and the rape is reported.


so all gays like getting raped by 10 dudes in a row?

then they win I guess



If you’re obviously gay, the guards will set you up to get raped by other inmates, same as they do with smaller, frail-looking dudes.


Time to call this guy:

Damnit now I miss the guy more.