Prison Riot + Serial Daughter Rapist = Heads Will Roll

Jose Agostinho Pereira, Serial Daughter Rapist, Beheaded By Fellow Inmates in Prison Riot - True Crime Report
:amazed: There was me thinking criminals had no souls

Wow this website has some really fucked up stories…

Criminals still don’t like pedo’s or rapists and molesters.

  1. they’re usually not tough guys, so they can’t take care of themselves
  2. most criminals are in it for money, or crimes of passion…if you basically spend 30 years raping the same person, they hate you

that dude sounds as fucked as the german fuck who kept his daughter in a secret basement room, and kept knocking her up

A nonce gets no mercy in prison… eye for an eye tooth for a tooth…

He was Austrian.

One of my close relatives (age 54+) has been goin in and out of prison cells all his life and the one thing he and his fellow inmates can’t stand are rapists and child molesters. They have it rough in any penitentiary.

The fact that murderers think they’re upholding some kind of code by killing rapists or whatever is a fucking joke. They’re just animals who like killing, the idea that it’s some kind of righteous act to get ‘‘the real sickos’’ is delusional bullshit.

Which led to much lols when all those photoshops of him against australia showed up.

God help me, I think I agree with you on this.

The only reason they even get away with it is that it is implicitly approved of by the “Free”.

What’s even funnier though, is that they rape each other… and that’s implicitly approved of by the “Free” as well.

As I see it.

now he won’t be wasting any taxpayers money. I always though that ChiMos(Child Molesters) were on the bottom of the food chain in prison.

That reminds me: I was having a convo with coworkers earlier this week about the chick who killed her kids (premeditated, by the way…she wrote a note lamenting a 3-day waiting period for fire-arm purchase quote “delaying the massacre”), and how they will have to keep her in solitary cuz female inmates treat child-killers the same way male inmates treat pedos.

I guess criminals WORLD WIDE dnt like em

No secret, been posted in the forum, ITS JUST WRONG to go to jail for that… lmao
Most of the time criminals get shyt for killing innocent (kids and women, not men) behind bars or within the gangs
CRAZY how rape is okay sometimes (in gang shyt) but then again… who fuckin knows what drives these ppl, besides ez cheddah

It’s the school bully mentality. If you can’t respect yourself on your own merits, you manufacture reasons why other people aren’t as good as you.

good to know this thinking isnt limited to just america.

they are…humanity still has a hold on criminals, its not like they’re suddenly a different species. You rape a bus of nuns, and criminals will fuck you up. Look at how long Jeffrey Dahmer lasted before they SODOMIZED HIM TO DEATH WITH A BROOM

I hear people destroy charles mansons stuff as an initiation. Dude’s gone through like 500 guitars

Yeah that shit dont fly in jail…when I was in county we tapped danced all over a motherfucking chester while we were being transported and picking up more cell mates, funny thing is how the sheriffs almost knew and let it happen, WE FUCKED UP THAT PIECE OF SHIT GOOD!!! Me and 3 other guys, not including the guys caged up in the back on super max security… and that was just on the bus trip from the courthouse to county…when we got to county we put him on blast…justice got served:mad:

You gotta understand that not everybody is locked up for being hardcore criminals…a bunch guys who didnt pay enough tickets…got in a bar fight and got served with assualt and battery, caught with a sac of herd or got in a fight with their lady and pulled the good ol’ im calling the cops cuz your being an asshole and that’ll show you, a neighborly scuffle etc…

they dont even register on the food chain… theyre not even ghost, cuz ghost might exist.

what about guys who kill children, do they get treated that badly? i’m legit curious coz you never hear about child murderers getting treated badly. it’s like sexually abusing a kid is worse than killing them (wtf?)

Do you hear about child murders? Usually they are a pedo or the parent, if it’s the parent they usually commit suicide afterwards. Can’t remember the last time I heard of someone purposely going after children.

People tend to forget that a lot of criminals have families. Most of the ones imprisoned for murder did so against other adults: people who owed them money, rival gang members, etc. I am by no means condoning this but there is a distinction to be made here.

Personally, I think what they did to Jose and his cohorts was quite appropriate.

Yeah the thing is when you make excuses like that you are condoning it.

great website!