Privat kaillera server

well… how to start?..
hi =)
i’ve searched the whole forum for my question and found nothing except r3ko mentioning that he own a server on which he run the kaillera server. so i adressed my concern to him by a private msg and well i want to ask everybody else :slight_smile:
my question is: do you know how good a private server should be to be able to run kaillera nicely?
i mean i think about to rent a vserver.
Space 5 GB
100 MBit/s, Switchport
Traffic 10 G

? Dell PowerEdge 2850 Mainframe-Server
? Dual Intel Xeon 3.000 MHz, 2 MB Cache 800 MHz FSB
? 300 GB SCSI, 10.000 rpm RAID
? 200 users per hardware server !!! =D

  • nothing said about my own guaranteed ressources

last one :slight_smile:
space 1,5 GB
Traffic 25 GB
RAM burstable (whats burstable? ) 192 MB
guaranteed CPU 400 MHz
CPU burstable 800 MHz

me and my mate own a 2048/192 connection and played already on our own computers acting as kaillera server.
but it could be better…and the one who host had an unfair advantage :slight_smile: well and if a vserver cost only around 10? a month… its worth a try. have you any suggestions?

Hi Godsake, paying 10 euros a month for a kaillera server is a rip off. I recently just put a new server, which i run from a shell account. I pay £2.99 a month for it aswell as getting 1gb fo web space with 14gb of monthly bandwidth. You don’t need a great computer to run a kaillera server, just a great connection, and when i mean great like 100mb.

I suggest you take a read of this That will answer alot more questions than i can.

Thank you for the reply.
I’ve searched for a favorable provider but found only one offering shells for around 4 euros.

Here is a Babelfish translated german page but i think you will understand…
Under “Most favorable VServertarife” you can find vserver accounts for already 2.99 euros. A vserver with root access ist actually better than a shell. I would be really pleased if you could show me a list or at least an example of a shell provider offering good conditions because i cant find one myself… especially a german one :slight_smile: