Private Buttonwillow Raceway track and roll-race event 8-11-12


I** know this isnt a car forum, but im sure theres some of us gamers out there that also enjoy and have some nice cars. So im dropping a line here as well…**

Im posting this up to gauge any interest about a private Buttonwillow Raceway track event that will be going on. First off, this will be a private rental, low attendance track day. Most of the day will be a regular, multiple group-runs event, most likely configuration 13CW. Then later in the afternoon, we will setup for a side by side, roll racing shootout on the tracks westside “drag strip”. That will be a rolling start, one on one race, just like many of us have NEVER DONE on a highway


We are shooting for a very limited amount of people, probably within 30-35, which will give plenty of track time, and more importantly, plenty of track room, but also explains the higher price tag than other events. No hardcore wheel to wheel racing, just out having fun with some real nice cars

As far as the roll racing event in the afternoon, that pretty easy to explain. That stretch of track is approx 3600 feet long, and 36 feet wide, so there will be plenty of room to run, and more importantly, stop. speeds of the runs will be decided later, but probably something in the area of 50mph to 150mph or so. There will be markers for the start and stop areas, and then you can circle back around for another go. There are many match-ups i know id like to see, most of all probably being Ed’s exquisite LEXUS LFA **Nürburgring **head to head with **Travis’ sleek Ferrari 458 Italia. **

If you are interested in only attending the roll race portion, feel free to contact me as well. We may be making arrangements for ones to join us for only that portion of the day…

Saturday August 11th, 2012
$300 for Full day event
Gates open @ 7am, with on track time from 8AM-5PM
Tentatively planning (7) 15-minute group runs, groups of about 10 cars each.
1.5-2hrs of 2-at-a-time side by side roll racing, with start and stop speeds to be determined
Lunch and plenty of water Provided on-site
**Aerial and ground photography and video!!!

The track imposes a $10 gate entry fee for all that enter

Any questions comments or concerns, feel free to PM me or email me directly at

Some of the friends…

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And last but hopefully not least… my ride…