Prize code option under player data menu...?


Anyone else see this option and wonder whats its all about? There has been like zero talk on it anywhere that I have seen…thought/theories anyony?


I hope there is going to be some online events like tournaments or something but I fear it’s only going to be capcom tournament prizes in bigger tournaments. And the prizes are probably titles and/or icons.


Code is CAPCOMPLZ. Buffs your main, nerfs others.


maybe something at ceo or evo…they are the first large events upcoming if anything


I’m hoping it’ll be some cool stuff, maybe special extras from EVO and other tournaments? Like titles, icons, colors, other bonuses… I’m not expecting costumes, but it’d be sick. Whatever it is, I hope they are not single-use, so we can share them amongst people who can’t go to these big events.


if you look in the in-game manual, it says the codes will be used for special titles unlocked at USFIV events.


Oh, that’s cool. I recall talking to a friend about how awesome it would be if EVO attendants could get special titles or icons to show their suport. If it’s just a title, I don’t mind it not being available for everyone.