Prize Structure

According to, prize structure is 7/2/1 based on tourney entrance fees.

I’ve actually brought this up before in perhaps 2004 or so, but that seems a little bit top heavy.

When EVO was sponsored by Yaris, the prize structure was (this is from memory so may be off)

1st 5000$
2nd 2000$
3rd 1000$
4th 500$
5th/5th 250$
7th/7th 100$

That’s roughly 54%/21%/10%/5%/2%/1%

Sponsorship aside, why the change in philosophy? That was a decent prize structure, and now we basically have winner take all.

With a conservative estimate at 500 people the current structure has


whereas the extended structure it would look like

1st. 2700
2nd 1050
3rd 500
4th 250
5th/5th 125
7th/7th 62

I know the common argument against this is “Place top 3 or go home, you don’t matter”

But we all know that’s not true at EVO. Each top 8 finalist has basically won his own mini tournament full of elite players. They deserve recognition and a prize, in my opinion.

I know new details of EVO are coming out every day, and potential sponsorship could change this tremendously, but can we take a realistic look at the pay scale here?


LOL that’s stupid, you can’t say “sponsorship aside” because that’s the whole reason for the prize structure being the way it is. Wow that would be a travesty if the prize money was split among top 8. That means evo was handing out around 10k per game, let’s say marvel gets 200 people creating a prize pool of 2k.

U think 2k should be split 8 ways?!?!? Yeah huge PASS on that, horrible prize structure unless there a lot of money to be distributed. It was nice while it was last, but top 3 should only get paid.

Considering that was the only game that didn’t really have an elite top 8: Combo and Buk tied for 7th CvS2, Shirts and Justin in ST, and Ryan Hart and Watson in 3S. Those are all really good players. Making top 8 at EVO is an accomplishment. It should be rewarded.

Considering that in the scenario above, 1st place still gets over half the pot, and slightly less than a 60/30/10 setup which is pretty common.

You don’t really have to apply this setup across the board, it’s pretty easy to establish a set # of players that trigger further places being paid. In your scenario with Marvel entries of 200 people, I’m sure 7th placer finishers wouldn’t really care about 20 bucks.

However, if SF4 hits 1000 entrants, getting 100 bucks for first wouldn’t be so bad, and 1st place still would get about 5400 dollars. Not a bad payday.

In poker, the top 10% of the field gets paid, and 1st gets less than 20%. Most other sports and such that compete for a purse do much the same thing.

The World Open Chess Tournament pays out the top ten (and also has multiple tournaments split by skill level).

World Cyber Games 2008 gave prizes to the top 8 finishers, and that is AFTER prizes were awarded a the national level for even qualifying for the WOrld final.

Considering the somewhat random and high pressure nature of these games (the best player usually wins, not always): paying out more places gives a nod to that and aligns our “sport” more with other events of its caliber.

I do not think I will make top 8 in anything, I just think this is fair.

sux to be 6th place. lol.

I remember the sponsorship prize money being given on top of the usual 70%/20%/10% pot payout. Someone correct me if I’m wrong on that, otherwise that’s why with no sponsorship, there is no sponsorship prize money.

Evo is a single open tournament, and poker tournaments tend to build on each other, so you would win a qualifier into a larger entry tournament and there are a lot more people that will drop $50-$100 on their own. Also consider that the smallest tournaments are still near 100. The pool of money is drastically bigger than going from a $5 32 person local to a $10 regional to a… $10 national.

In addition poker players are all playing one game, evo has to pay a top 3 in 6 games. Your estimate of 500 players is not going to happen in every game, players will enter tournaments with no idea what the prizes will be, leading to confusion, allegations of corruption, or best case, doing extra work to pay 7th place $20 via check.

Its possible that SF4 will be so big that we can explore these options, I would love to run a $25 tournament in the major areas that all get 200+ and pay top 8 and then run a $250 entry final in vegas and pay top 16, but I am not sure that we can just take the poker payout and put it on top of the existing structure, we would have to build a similar system and similar player base -or- sell out the tournaments just to inflate the prize pool.

Totally with Renegade on this. Even when someone who isn’t a huge favorite makes top 8, it often turns out they beat a top player somewhere along the line; think of Rawbzilla over Justin in Marvel a few years back.

I mean, last year’s Evo had the lowest overall turnout in years, yet the only games that truly had people sneak in with easy brackets were Marvel and Tekken. Both of those are easy to explain: Marvel had a lot of big east coast players that didn’t show up, and Tekken had almost no top players period because DR was a dead game that shouldn’t have been in the lineup in the first place. Those are the exceptions, not the rule.

But here’s the main point: I agree that paying all top 8 isn’t practical unless you get sponsorship or an extremely high number of entrants, but I see no reason why you can’t at least reward top 4. It wouldn’t hurt the top 3 much at all, and 4th place at Evo is pretty much always an elite player.