Prizes for Evo2k11?

Does anyone know that the prizes are this year for Evo? Specifically MvC3 and AE

I would like to know this as well. Curious to see how much $$$ Fuudo took in.

I read that MVC3 was $50,000.

my daddy is evo and he says the prize pot was 1 million dollars

…On stream, it was said there were over 3000 competitors. If we assume that 3000 people did indeed enter MvC3, at $10 per person (if that sounds low that’s because it is low - bother Wiz about upping it to $15 next year), then you’re looking at a $30k pot. There is no standard payout structure for a top 8, so 1st place could’ve gotten anywhere from 30 to 50% of the money.

You probably won’t ever see official numbers given.

I thought that it was 3k total competitors, but around 1600 for SSF4:AE and about 1500 for MvC3. Of course I havent seen any actual numbers posted as official numbers

Wasn’t it $50 to compete and an additional $10 per game?

Inkblot said, “Across all the games we handed out over $40,000 in prize money.”

That’s a good amount but I thought it would be higher than that.

I was thinking about $40,000 for top 8 in AE. Boy was I wrong.

$50 covers Venue cost, $10 goes towards the pot. 1600 people in AE means $16,000 in prize money unless somebody was sponsoring some cash on top of that

The one thing Evo doesn’t seem to have is people throwing money into the prize pool, which it needs. It also needs to increase the $10 entry fee to $20 IMO

Wrong section and stop asking. Evo staff never disclosed exactly how much it was the previous years either.