Pro Button

hi. i like to know did anyone shop at this site? are this site legit? thanks.

Ive never heard of that site. Looks ok. I recommend though you shop from trusted stores like lizard lick and gaming now. Most people on this site shop there…i think…lol. is what your looking for. Never heard of that site, have mediocre selection/colors. Only sanwa product… :tdown:

probuttonmash is legit.

i’ve shopped there, and bought some buttons including some sdm-15s and button plugs. when that guy had a misunderstanding with his dealer, he went out of his way to order me the missing stuff from my order from lizardlick and made sure I got it okay.

stand up dude.

Pro Button Mash is real.
The guy who owns it is in my city.
He invited me and blklighting21 and bshizzle3021 to check out his warehouse.

thank you for all the help. thanks.