Pro Elite Wireless Controller for PS3

I can’t find any info on this in my searches and it appears to be new? (says it came out a few days ago) Pro Elite Wireless Controller for PS3: Video Games

I’m trying to find some way to enjoy (and be somewhat competitive with) ssf4 on my ps3. I got used to playing sf4 on my 360 some months ago (used analog stick, not d-pad) before it died and finally got around to getting ssf4. I don’t have the money to spend on a nice fight stick yet and don’t want to settle for the cheaper ~$50 versions. Has anyone gotten a chance to try this thing out yet? I can’t stand the position of the ps3 controller’s analog and the d-pad is too squishy, this seems like a nice temporary option before I can get a nice HRAP3 or TE stick later.

Any thoughts on it? Seems sketchy that it just came out and is already on sale O.o But I cringe at the thought of playing for hours tonight with the crappy ps3 controller and just don’t have the money to blow on a nice stick yet :frowning:

The Dualshock 3 is the best controller available on the PS3, try a madcatz fightpad until it dies and then get a stick

It being on sale probably doesn’t have anything to do with its popularity or quality, Amazon always marks things down. Well, most of the time. Thats why I buy stuff from there so often.

Ah yeah, forgot about the fightpad. I tried one of those with sf4 on 360 and didn’t really like it as much as the 360 analog, but it’s really not a bad choice at this point. Certainly better than the dualshock 3. Thanks for the suggestion :smiley:

If anyone has any experience with this “pro elite” please let me know. In particular, I’d like to know how the analog stick feels compared to the 360’s. I feel like I’ve significantly dropped skill level with the dualshock. I need my competitive ssf4 (360 died soon after I started getting good /cry)!

This IMO.

definitely agree with this pick these up at big camera 2900+ yen

great for fighting games but other games DS3

(but i have been playing DMC4 with my TE)

Cool I’ve been looking more into the FS3, lots of good comments about it everywhere. I might have to go with that or a saturn pad, probably whichever is cheaper since I do want a stick within the next few months.