PRO Fightstick art question


Does anybody know if the SFxT Pro Fightstick and the EVO Series Pro Fightstick are the same dimensions? I want to replace the art and do a couple of other mods, but I want to make sure the templates for the SFxT Pro will work for the EVO series.

P.S. - Since there were only 300 of the EVO Series made do you guys think it is worth modding or leave it stock for future value?

Thanks in Advance


The EVO series are made from the exact same dimensions as the SFxT Pro Fightstick.

Also modding the EVO stick is worth it. Just the artwork maybe nono (Unless you use the hairdryer technique to save the artwork) but the buttons, LED, Dual Mod, and ball top, sure!


300 numbered per system. Plus the un-numbered so maybe >650ish. (and still on sale…)


Thanks for the responses guys. I tested the artwork, and you’re right DonkeyBlonkey, it is the exact same. I’m holding off on LED buttons for now because I figured out a really cheap, extremely easy, but very good looking LED mod. I’m posting a new thread now about it.


Really cheap? Solderless?

I think people would pay to do solderless LEDs (Cough Remora+Arc Eye 3 Cough)

Any who, I’d like to see this alternative of yours.