Pro Gam3r Mag to cover pro fighting game tourneys

Hi everyone. I am new here and I want to introduce myself. My name is Jarod Reisin (aka Streetrunner in the FPS scene). I am the Director of Pro Gam3r Magazine and We are a magazine and site that covers all pro gaming and will not overlook importance of the fighting game tourneys and pros that have put time and dedication into these games.

We have a dedicated section called “Fight” that will have coverage of the best of pro fighting game tourneys and hopefully can shine the light of this genre and its famed players to the masses. In time, I hope we can do updated brackets and scores as tourneys progress like a sports page. I have had a hard time finding these during some of the bigger tourneys besides through a forum post.

I am an avid fighting game addict since the days of Sf2 owning about all of the major games with Virtua Fighter series and Street Fighter series being my personal favorites.

I hope to be able to get to know this community in the days to come. If I am permitted I’ll also share what we release in the future per site or magazine and hopefully I’ll even get the chance to meet some of you in person at upcoming events. In the meantime I’ll be scurrying these sites for insight on how I can actually get good enough to play online for once lol. Bye for now


You’ll have to sift through a lot of useless information to get the stuff you want if you plan on browsing through this site, but there are some people you can contact who would be willing to give you an accurate assessment of the 2D fighting game scene. I don’t want to drop any names right now, as i’m sure they’re all very busy people, but just this thread alone should grab their attention.

Like DDC said, great news, hopefully this catches the attention of serous tourney fighters who could contribute most to the section. Seeing a magazine cover pro gaming tourneys seriously would = instant subscription for me. :tup:

You might want to say where you are from. Would be easier to get you in touch with important people then.

This is win on levels of EPIC proportions.

Be sure to cover at least a little of everything too; SF, Tekken, GG, the works.

Just leave crap like new MK out of it.

Wonderful news. The fighting game discussion section might be more of a resource to you though.

Always include Marvel drama.

Instant best-seller right there.

I think I’ve already done a pretty good job of clarifying our position on MK (UMK3 excepted, of course), and if I haven’t, wait for issue 3. :rofl:


Everyone will now say “Oh He’s so Pringles!”

Cool. You’ll quickly learn MvC2 has the most interesting/best community out there.

I can see it now…

“Reporter knifed at MvC2 game! News at Eleven!”

I fucking love you.

Back to you, Diane.

That is great. Question, though, Jarod: how far will you go to accomplish this? are you mostly US or are you branching out to get the Canadian, Euro, and Asian scenes as well?

^ I’m sure it all depends on how well readers/critics take it.


To show the lengths people should go to for this to happen, I think we all would be willing to watch VSlash’s av if that’s what it takes to get this up and running.

I need to buy you a beer…seriously. You are my new best friend! :lovin:


4 issues for 19.95.

Well you are just getting it going. I will think about doing it to help you out. Though, you better put the hotness in those four issues!! :rofl:

You should contact the head of SRK Mr. Wizard, he may have some info on how to help you.

This is GREAT news! Post something in the Fighting Game Discussion Forum and people will wet themselves. They’ll prolly also be better equipped to get you pointed in the right direction for info.

Pat, are you coming to Final Round?


Hope this is foreal…