"Pro" GGPO/Supercade Player - Console Migration Directory

Calling all intermediate to expert skilled GGPO/Supercade players, if you’ve made the move to console and want to find other players who have done the same, leave your former GGPO/Supercade id, new PSN id/ XBL id and location here to add to your flists!

Former Supercade Username: Alex_Ryu
XBL ID: JeenyusSF4
Location: Toronto - Canada

NOoooooo…not my GGPO status!!!

It’s not like there’s a lobby anymore…it really doesn’t matter.

im teh bewst GGPO/PSN ryu player. add me if you want an ass kicking.


still undefeated on PSN. im teh bewst

Supercade= Killing Moon
PSN= KahL_One