Pro Or Really Good Pad Players?

ok i was looking at this video of a viper player and i heard the announcer say he plays on pad can someone tell me every single pad player there is so i can look them up so i can no what there capable of i wana play ibuki but her execution is a little to hard so thanks

MingoDynasty is playing Ibuki on pad on a decent level.
This thread was brought up before Pad Ibuki

shizza pad chun li
wolfkrone pad viper
vangief pad zangief
fanatic pad mvc3 mags/storm/sent

actually there are alot of pad players… i just cant think of that many right off the bat, but know that tekken and marvel are played on pad a bit more, atleast in the states… especially tekken.


thanks ill check on em keep me updated

Alioune sensei used to be a pad player, I don’t really know if he’s still playing on a pad but well, he’s one of the best (if not the best) in Europe so it’s worth checking it out.

Wolfkrone switched to stick. At least he started playing stick a long while back due to SBO qualifiers and such.