Pro Scrub time!

Howdy! Ive been playing for a few months now, my friend got me hooked on it. I picked up Elena after asking him who the least played character was, and he told me. So…apparetlyy, after playing her, and learning how to use her, im gay because i play her. Everything she does apparently has no…for lack of a better word, recoil, and the one thing i get yelled at the most is her throw, and how it is apparently the cheapest throw in the game. Im not too good, ive been dubbed a professional scrub, and when i beat my friends, they say i didnt win cause im good, but because there are apparently vengeful gods of Elena who deem whether i wn or lose. Well, hope someone posts. Thanks for letting me say my blah piece. Adios!

Your friends are the real scrubs. Everything you are doing, no matter what it is, has a counter, and instead of whining about how you play, they should be learning those counters.

If you present an obstacle, it’s their job to figure out how to overcome it - not yours. Same goes if it’s the other way around.

I do have to admit. Sometimes, i do realize that Elena has some odd things about her. My buddy plays Makoto, and he just cant beat me. When he plays akma, who hes not very good with he can, but Elena can grab makoto when shes falling, before she hits the ground, and out techs her all the time. I htink it might just be because she has a really really fast grab, I dunno really. Oh, little piece of info we found out, when Akuma teleports, Elena can grab him using brave dance. Just thought i would let that out.

Greatest irony ever?

Personally I hate playing against Elena, but I don’t complain.

I think people get annoyed with her, because a lot of her shit is hard to punish, and she’s got tons of priority. Plus she has a nasty wake-up game.
She reminds me of Oro or Makoto where random can be dangerous with them.

Elena > Makoto. Not tier wis ebut like…iunno…match up wise…

Her keeps Makoto from mindlessly dashing up and doing karaksa. among other things. it stops her from doing most low attacks into hayate as well.


Nothing is cheap. Infinites are cheap.

Well, thanks for all the constructive criticism, ideas, advice, and opinions ^.^
Oh! And if anyone knows an Elena player, id really like some info. Its so hrd…to find…a decent elena video online. Urg…im thinking of switching to Ibuki. Or ken. O Q! I dont know, but…Q is starting to be fun for me. Taunt, taunt taunt! Ok, now i can fight ^.^;;
P.S. The Elena gods were quite vengeful today against my buddy, as i beat him a few times.

You’re right, there is an extreme lack of Elena vids online. You can look around on this forum for tips (on the thread list, go down to the bottom and make it show all threads from the beginning), or you you can just do what works.

Also, learn to kara throw with her, her kara throw is good.

  1. Keep playing Elena

  2. Don’t play people that call you scrubs for winning with Elena. They’re not worth your time or effort.

Okies ^.^ Thanks for the advice. ive tried using healing with her, but i cant stand it. Id prefer brave dance for the extra chance to EX, and punish with a super. And if theres one thing i can most definitely get beat at, its an arcade stick. I suck arcade.

her mix up is too good, i wish i could use her PROPERLY

I hate that b. rh she has =(, beats all of my moves.

Even i cant stand playing as her sometimes ^.^ Shes able to do stuff that just pisses my friends off. Still, nothing beats hitting my friend when he was teleporting with Brave Dance. he didnt think it happened because he was drunk, so when we did it again the next day he was flabbergasted(great word). Not to mention back Rh stuffs almost anything, and her grab is just so…well…i gotta admit, out teching people feels good but i do it so much its not funny anymore.

ELena is good, espescially good against specific characters. Shes hard against shotos i find.

Elena’s trickies and pokes are tough to get by but her issues start to stand out once you play against good players.

What HE said, lol.

She’s not exactly the most combo friendly lass in the game. Her mix up is insane, but becomes an effort when you’re playing against peeps with good reading aptitude, AND who can parry damned near anything, AND always have their index and thumb hovering to counter throw tech - i.e. good players, lol.

So, either become an Ume god, or random for the win!

Oh and play your duck-bounce game - a lot of people tend to forget, during the heat of a match, that you can manipulate her position that way.

Elena is just a washed up Chun Li with fancy ex combos.

Good kara for both
b+FP = b+RH for good poke stopper
easy confirmable super off a poke

only differnece is that Elena cant confirm off a low poke like Chun.

and her good overheads dont make up for that

Actually it does give her one advantage over Chun-Li, and that is that Elena can mount a decent offense without having a super stocked. She can deal very good damage with her EX combos - some of her better ones dealing comparable damage to her SA2, making them more than just flashy - it takes less meter to do, and it allows her to use SA2 or SA3 freely, depending on the matchup or the preference of the player.