Pro SF4 playesr, do they have regular jobs?

I’m not just talking about anyone that goes to local or even a regional tournament. I’m talking about the top of the top players, Wong, Gootecks, Marn, Diago, Arturo, Combofiend, Edma, Sanford… so on and so forth. Basically the big name SF4 players, do they have regular jobs?

I’m pretty sure Wong doesn’t, and I don’t think Gootecks does either, I believe Diago has a regular 9-5er.

But I have no idea about anybody else, do they have regular jobs, if so what to they do for a living?

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Mom and Dad getting on at you about getting a job huh?

I recall in I Got Next, Gootecks was having a convo with iloveyou and I think it was based around iloveyou having a real job, and how he wanted the stability of a real job, but I could be wrong.

I think Gootecks’ real job is his website and community organizing. Not really a REAL job, but definitely something outside of training and tournies.

I really admire his dedication and courage to throw caution to the wind and really attack his passion head on.

I don’t so much admire how he pimps out his dumb fucking podcasts at 99 cents a minute to hear him mumble and stutter his way through shit any noob can pick up by themselves.
Boy needs to learn some eloqoution.

People are such cry babies about stuff like this - why hate on the guy trying to make a living (or at least cover expenses) doing what he loves?

I’d never pay 99 cents a minute for sex let alone some dude talking about SF4 but so what.

From what I can recall, mostly no. Wong does not work 9-5. I believe Marn is well off outside of street fighter and does not work 9-5. Daigo - not sure. Gootecks says he has no job outside of sf, but he makes his money off of his sf website. Playing facilities his business instead of playing as a business in itself j.wong style. Arturo has no 9-5, just straight beasts and gets fight money. sanford does not work 9-5, I think he does some work for EMP arcadia as well as play. Not sure about the west coast guys.

In short, unless you can beat the guys I just mentioned regularly in a tournament environment, get a job. Because they will take your fight money and you will have nothing to show for it.

there arent any pro players…

pro stands for professional
top players dont get paid to play sf and tournament winnings are not guaranteed and usually not enough to live on.

Sf is a hobby.

Justin Wong is an exception I think. I heard he had sponsors . And he says he doesn’t have a job

I still dont quite understand why MadCatz or whoever doesn’t just drop a couple of grand on Justin Wong and have him pretend he uses their sticks and plaster ads all over the internet. They’d make a fucking mint.

Edit: to clarify my point: I’m saying that SF4 is easily the biggest fighting game since world warrior and there’s a big ol gravy train sailing past.
You can see it in SRK’s invasion of 09ers who have made this places older members the minority. They’re only here because of SF4.

Justin does use their sticks. Plus they don’t need a spokesperson to advertise their sticks for them, they were ridiculously hard to come by until recently because everyone wanted one.

exactly, ‘until recently’ they were hard to come by because all the noobs bum rushed them and they sold out. Those noobs are dropping fighting games because their stick didn’t make them like Justin but there is a core of undecideds who want to be good at fighting games, enjoy them and just need a little extra push into investing in a stick.

So how do they live? Speaking from a personal standpoint, just to break even with all my living expenses (not gathering any kind of savings whatsoever) I would need to make about $32,000 a year. I make more than that, but the point is, is that are these players that don’t even have jobs actually making $30,000 a year just from SF4?

How do they pay for car/apartment/bills in general?

IIRC from I got Next per Triforce, a lot of the east coast guys live at his Empire Arcadia house. Otherwise I’d say you have lots of 20 somethings living with their parents…

By that logic there aren’t any pro golfers either.

Pro just means you get paid for what you do.

If you’re placing high enough in SF tourneys to get paid, ever, you can technically consider yourself a pro.

Odly enough, having sponsors =/= professional as you said. Thats just advertising/product placement.

You’re an idiot.

Well, you’re an '09er, so you probably don’t know, but the SF scene is full of bums. Seriously.

You give these guys 32K, they can live for 5 years.

Well there is this one game called poker.

You may have heard of it at some point.

its one of them old style games.


wins thread for truth factor

You guys are forgetting money matches too, that’s how my friend pays for his lobster dinners and his green fees. :rofl:

I’m curious as to why so much interest in whether or not these people have “real” jobs. I mean it’s just like one person said already, it’s a hobby. Some people make money with their hobby. That’s all there is to it.

Oh and I hear that Daigo doesn’t have a job, but rather returns to a top secret goverment facility nestled deep in the mountains of Northern Japan. Once there he’s debriefed and taken to his recharging station for systems check and maintenence. He will remain there until he is called upon to defend his country from the forces evil or to compete in the next SFIV tournament. Which ever comes first.

Do you guys really not understand the basic idea behind endorsements?