Pro Tips - Pownz e-Sports Centre (03/20/10)

We all want to level up and be better players so come and check out Pro Tips! This event will showcase three experts who will teach you the basics and some more intermediate techniques about the games they play. The experts will cover everything from basic movement and game notations to screen control and combo set-ups.

Pro Tips offers you the opportunity to come and brush up on some skills, or to learn about that other fighting game you?ve been eyeing. You?ll also get to meet some like-minded people who love competitive fighting games and want to improve their abilities as well.
Date:** Saturday March 20, 2010

Location: Pownz - 307 King Street East (Hamilton, Ontario)

Venue Fee: $10

12:00pm ? Registration begins
2:00pm ? Workshops begin
After the workshops end, players will have the rest of the night until 1:00am to play casuals to put their newfound skills to the test! We encourage you to pair up with someone so you can each teach the other about your respective games.

For example, if Player X attends to learn Soul Calibur but regularly plays Street Fighter and Player Y attends to learn Street Fighter but regularly plays Soul Calibur, then they can each learn from each other.

Street Fighter IV: Davero
Soul Calibur IV: Oofmatic
Tekken 6: NeoRussell

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A community is only as good as their best player, so let?s work hard to improve together!

Side note: Brownies will be available until supplies last.

I can just imagine this

Newcomer: So Dave, what can I do to impr

Davero’s SF4 Quick Tips:

  1. Remind opponent that they are lucky they aren’t playing your main when you pick another character and lose.
  2. Be really salty when you lose by what you decide is “bullshit”
  3. Change facial expression pre match ranging from bored to interested based on level of competition.


come on guys, lets not joke around like this. newer players might not understand srk’s sick sense of humour.

I honestly think that Dave actually might be the best person to teach new people. It’s not that there are not more experienced/seasoned players out there but if you really look at what it is. Dave went from being zero to winner in the course of a year. He still knows well how it feels to be new to the game and starting from square one.

A lot of us who have been around a long time tend to forget how it was to be new to the game/scene. From learning how to use a stick for the first time to proper execution and so on. For Dave it’s probably still fairly fresh in his mind, so for him to be able to pass it on NOW as opposed to later may be the best thing to happen.

I’ll be there just to listen in on what Dave has to say. Even if you don’t need this workshop you should come out and support the community.

Are these the legendary Sogo Brownies?!? I think everyone should go just for these!

Are these the legendary Sogo Brownies?!? I think everyone should go just for these!

SOGO brownies were pretty legendary. SOGO cookies were too… but those aren’t available for sale anymore :frowning:

Yup I’m actually being paid in brownies for this, only reason I’m going!

I’m actually pretty interested in learning Tekken.

Also for those in the surrounding Hamilton area that I can’t ever get to play I hope you guys come down so i can play you guys. I’m not there very often :confused:

How many setups / stations for each game will be availabe???

Quoted for the truth.

They have reached legendary status? I had no idea. The brownies are just another incentive for you to attend the event.

Once pre-registration gets set up, I will see how many prospective people want to attend for each game. Once I can see that data, I’ll decide how many setups and stations we’ll allocate.

This is pretty hype. I’ll see how many of us can make it up, should be really great.

when I win my first tournament, I will be expert too? oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooDis

You know what? People can shit on each other all they want for shit-talk fun purposes, but straight up, Davero’s a great choice for this. He’s the only one I see on XBL regularly that’s actually willing to play with me, regardless of the enormous skill gap between us. I don’t see that kind of dedication and patience often, so this is honestly a great idea.

I have a pretty limited perspective, but I’ve heard the same thing from Duck about his approach in TO as well.

Will be there to finally play you IRL Dave

What happens if you show up and own Dave cause hes fraaayy
Are you allowed to give him tips?

No marvel??? weak sauce.

It’s funny because as much as you think you know about him, you really don’t.

I love Dave but if you’re a scrub…well, lol :slight_smile:

I’m planning on attanding this, I’ll confirm as soon as I swap my shift at work.

I’m off work on this day and should be able to come.

I know it is up to the organizers and I’m not going to be all up in arms about it if it gets shot down, but I would be willing to do an HDR/ST workshop if enough people are interested and if there is a station available.

I’ll make sure there is enough stations JUST for this. We’ll try to accomodate. I’ll discuss with Emily and we’ll get back to you