Pro Tips - Pownz e-Sports Centre (03/20/10)

If it wasn’t for my new year, I would love to come. :frowning:

i will be in toronto that weekend. anyone driving from toronto area? if i can bum a ride i’ll try to make it!

I’m going to try and get an earlier shift on this date. I definitely won’t be there when it starts but could arrive around 5:00pm or so.

Thanks for sticky-ing this for me Nagata!

I’m hoping that a lot of you can make it out to Hamilton on the 20th since this is (I believe) the first event of its kind in the GTA. Community support is always welcome and appreciated.

I’m thinking that I should come out to this. Learn some more about SF4 and maybe learn a bit about Tekken as well.

I really want to come to this, still waiting on a shift change.
I’d like to learn SF4 and TvC if there’s support for it.
My SF4 game is so bad, and I haven’t played TvC yet (thinking of picking it up next week).

Alright, my bro who goes by the handle DuranMana(TitanD) is willing to teach TvsC IF people are interested and willing to show up. He came in second at the Waterloo tournament. I’ll drop by also, but I’ll probably be busy with SF4, since I’ve abandoned the game these last couple of weeks.

i played titan d online and he murked me, looking forward to meeting him and getting some tips regardless. I’d love to play some tvc. I know hamilton is serious at the game, I’ve only picked it up with the UAS release and i dont anyone else to play with seriously in toronto.

lol at TitanD teaching anyone

“Okay do this. No you fucking noob. I hope you’re happy being bad at the game for the rest of your life. You flop”

this sounds like the davero, with an addition of FRAYYYYYYYYYY and “play me for money scrub”


That is awesome ngu, good job:tup:. I’ll hire you to do the next Fight On! poster lol

stop yo game up.

If I visit my girlfriend at Mac when this happens, I’m in. We can just walk in and register, right?

That is correct!

Thanks for the poster Andrew! Brownies for you when I see you next. =)

As for those inquiring about having HDR/ST or TvC on the 20th, I will try my best to accomodate you guys. Since the event lasts for such a long period of time, I’m sure we can rotate in some stations throughout the day/night. Or if this event proves to be popular, then I can organize another one specifically for those games.

I’m down to teach TvC to anyone who wants to learn the game, or is already familiar and just wants to get better.

Pre-Registration is up now! The link has been added to the first post.

Shit is so far :\

I’m stuck working… Earliest I can be there for is 7pm.