Pro Tips - Pownz e-Sports Centre (03/20/10)

So does this mean that I get to teach players how to tap into the power of playing under the influence?

This man makes a very legit point…I vote yes

i always zone better blitzed

I only can teach how to rush down and get in… ask JS or davero to defend

but playing while blitzed…

I can teach you to harness the powers of weed/SSJ/redfox/hollomask/gear 2nd whatever it is you are looking for

Watch, everyone’s gonna be a honda player after this.

is the venue fee $10 (in the post) or $10.50 (in the poster)

maybe the “er” costs 50cents?

50 cents lol

Soul Calibur and Tekken - NeoRussell
Making notes now. We can add BlazBlue if people are interested.

I would like to play TvC, is there going to be setup there?
Are the presenters free of charge atleast?


Hi Russell, presenters are free of charge. Also, yes we have 2 TVC setups and 2 copies of Blazblue

what about a real game like CvS2?

oh shit noodles if you’re coming bring a ps2 stick… I have a ps2 with CVS2 there :slight_smile:

Looking to get a shift switch. If I can I’ll come by around 5:00pm to help Dave out if his workshop is going on.

consider it broughtened.

You mean play CVS2. LOL

3rd Strike IMO

Depending what time people arrive we may be switching around the times for the workshops and have them run later. It seems as if there are a lot of people showing up later in the day.

davero can you teach me how to play baked?:rofl:

I’m stuck working, and will end up showing up around 7pm.
SF4 and TvC

Chocolate Chili Brownies are in the oven as I type this up. Hype?

chocolate … chili … brownies … ?

I’m interested and intrigued.