Pro Tips - Pownz e-Sports Centre (03/20/10)

If people are interested, I can also walkthrough Tatsunoko vs Capcom.


I’ll be in attendance from 5pm - 7pm.

Dave; if you need a hand with anything upon arrival let me know.

Has the revised timetable been posted? If I can get any of the Tekken workshop in that’d be great.

Yeah I’d kinda like to get in on the Tekken workshop too.

Hey guys, I just wanted to thank those of you who actually came out today! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and learned something new.

Drekken and I talked and came up with some more ideas to improve and make this event run more smoothly the next time. So look forward to another Pro Tips in either the 3rd Saturday in April or the 3rd Saturday in March!

Dave left his binder at pownz. chris should have it safe, locked up somewheres.

Thanks for the brownie ( i showed up late and got the last tiny piece)

I would have liked to hear what davero spoke of during this event so im looking forward to another one and getting there for lecture.

and to everyone that went out for dinner after. that was good times.

Yeah Boston Pizza afterwards needs to become a Pownz regular thing, that was top tier hangouts

needs online session :frowning:

+1 to this

lol boston pizza! nagata’s got to have something to say about that!

Fuck Boston Pizza.