Prob wit Bison's Psycho Banish A groove



Hello Everybody,

I’m really am in need of help of doing Bison’s Psycho Banish during cc in A groove. I don’t have a joystick and I can’t seem to be doing it on the dreamcast controller. How the hell do you do it continuously? Please help me you guyz.


1st of all, poeple call it “Paint the Fence”

i got the prob, only cus im on a controller, i could to it perfectly if i was on a stick, if u can do it 3-4 times, then u got the timing down.
As for the timing, i guess you just do the 2nd one right as his arm comes down, just keep practiceing, the timing will come natrual :wink:


but how do u start it… sizor kick till they in da corner… or slide kick then start “paintin da fence” o_0… or slide then sizor kick then start…


You can carry people into the corner in a number of ways. I usually start the custom with a because it has good priority and hits low. Then a s.fp,,[from here you can do a bunch of shit] you can slide then use a to launch them and to x3 till corner, OR after the mp you can do,hk,fp the fp puts them at a better height so its eaiser than doing 3 hk, OR you can carry them into the corner with scissor kicks. Once you reach the corner use a to put them at a good height then do the repeated psycho banishes, when your meter is low cancel into the kick super.


OK I think what you ment is how to do the atcual paint the fence part(I call it the bitch slap thats just me).

What you wanna do is after you get them in the corner you do the first Psycho Banish normaly no this is the important part after the first one do NOT let the stick or in your case pad go to nutrule(sorry can’t spell) from there you just do fireballs over and over…This is by far the easiest way I found to do any of the repete DP combos. The timieing for it your just gonna have to figure it out for yourself but be sure your getting at least 4 hits with every banish or else the damage will be kinda dookie. Hope this helps feel free to PM me if you need more help.