Prob with Hrap & us t5 stick

I have the hrap mirror top and us t5 sticks both don’t work with the mayflash 3 in 1 (pc,xbox,gc) or the PIII converter. Anyone have some idea’s why? Also does anyone have suggestions on what I should do to get them to work or just scrap’em both and buy a new stick.

get a new converter. the converter thread is your friend

after purchasing two converters already I think there something wrong with the sticks themselves. I have a sf anniversary stick that works with both converters however it’s too bulky to be having on my lap for long periods of time.

You’ll probably need to do some research on compatibility using the converter thread. My guess is that the Hori PCBs are not compatible with the converters, but the Nubytech PCB has a better time.