Probably the trillionth thread about canceling into super


I know how to buffer it, but I have an example I’d like to ask about, like standing fierce xx super as Ken. I want a shitload of damage and I can’t just buffer the super with st.HK because it’s not super cancellable. Since I already have a hadouken, how can I do that cancel with buffering without just getting a hadouken? it feels like if I bring the stick back to neutral after the first QCF and then press HP, I get the fireball no matter what.


This is not a practical combo. Even players that can do it, like DGV and Daigo, never use it in game. If you want to cancel hp into super, cr hp is much much easier and actually practical even in game.

also, stand hp is cancel-able into super. if you can do the cr mk into super, you can do cr hp into super.


[]It makes no difference if you let go → or not - but you will probably throw if you do not. You have some number of frames after you input → to press a punch for a Hadouken. After they are gone, you do not get the move, unless you redo the whole motion.
]Ken’s super is already among the ones that do the most damage in the game, if you land all hits, remember that.
[]Diagonal jump Fierce into super works just fine.
]Many players do use cl.Fierce into super, but the damage on cr.Fierce is the same,in case you find cr.Fierce into super easier. There are videos of strong players using both versions.
Edit: I’m not at home right now. I will get you some links with more data when I can.


FWIW, Far stand HP is a 1-frame cancel, and only possible something like 80% of the time, even if you have frame-perfect timing. I think the kara-renda hit confirm off of crouching short would be a better thing to work on if you’re looking to land the super.


Yeah, but since he stated he wanted “a shitload of damage” and far Fierce would mean missing most - if not all - hits of his damaging super, I supposed he meant close standing fierce punch into the super.


The best super cancellables are the ones you can hit confirm (cr short x2 xx super, boxers jab jab st jab super, guile cr lp/lk cr lp/lk super, and anything from a landed jump attack etc…).


Close standing fierce is a 3 frame cancel. (‘Standing’ is ambiguous.)

Sagat shouldn’t be able to cancel his far fierce, and the close one is 2-frame.


Ah you’re correct, I made a mistake when I frame advanced (Frameskip off) this, I always did :hp: :d: :df: :f: :d: :df: :f: :hp: and any later would give me a srk.

However doing what you say I tried :d::df: Neutral :hp: :f: :d: :df: :f:+:hp: I got the super still. I guess I was just putting them in late.

EDIT: Holy shit looking at my HUD lua, it’s a fucken mess, I really need to rewrite this.


it is a practical super cancel in only this scenario:

Ambiguous crossup with jumping forward, st. fierce into super, 7 hits combo… MASSIVE DAMAGE.


cr hp xx super works 100% of the time with Ryu and Ken and isn’t that hard to do if u neg edge the super.

Hell, it only requires one button push and release for 6 hits (2 if you start with J.FP.) for 7 hits.

I don’t see the point of even trying to do it with ST HP unless you just wanna show off.

Ryu cancel Super combos are actually easier to do on Arcade ST then HDR due to Sirlin messing with the DP input in HDR.

some lame vids I made. lol
ST 7hits

Misc HDR combos