Problem activating hado

Is there a trick to activating hado off of a fireball im trying to do fireball, hado kakusei and it never seems to work for me my inputs are perfect and everything

Just off a regular hadouken or the wall bounce one? I never really tried it after a regular one, haven’t really thought about it either but I may now. The wall bounce one is pretty easy to activate after with enough time to hyper before they land once you do it once and see the timing. I did have trouble at one point just having it not activate and getting a dash or a M coming out but that was just my execution.

reg fireball im trying to do like LMH hadoken hado

I have the best luck treating it like the KKZ input in 3s, meaning the button press almost at the same time as the last direction input. Just barely before it. I don’t know if I explained it well. Thanks for the idea on that though. I’ve been trying to find different uses for it and hadn’t thought about that. Seems like you’d be able to continue to combo and deal some raw ass damage.

the way i’ve been doing it is just do the qcf + A (i find it easier using the light fireball for some odd reason) then just tap down again and activate denjin mode, the down in the qcf motion should act as the first down in activating denjin mode… seems to work every time for me. it’s pretty easy off of a single rapid fire hadoken as well (gives you a few more frames to activate & link, but sacrifices a bit of damage)

I messed around with it last night and what mc jay said works well too. I’m really looking forward to seeing how and if this mode develops into something powerful and useful. If not at least it looks cool lol.

yea, you can definitely combo afterward to get some pretty big damage. but lately i’ve been noticing that denjin mode is kind of a waste of meter depending on who else is on your team, if you have a character with a high damage super (dormammu for example) there’s no real reason to use it since he can get more damage off the DHC rather than going into denjin mode. the only really useful thing i can think of is making ryu safe on block after everything =/

Frank is on my team so I’ve actually been finding it pretty useful

I like this one, and it seems to be helping, but I can only get it every now and then. I don’t know if I have to have my quarter circle just so quick that it barely has time to drop the first “down” from the computer’s input brain or whatever the best words for it are. Can you help me out a little bit more? Is it just an execution thing on my end or what?
I also keep getting Shin Shoryukens, but I think that’s because I end up doing qcf l down down forward 2x atk on accident. :confused: I actually put this in all my videos when the game came out… Its really not that great. Yea you can easily build a full bar with it, to make it… “free” to say… But at the same time, just comobing to thrust kick etc combos always build a full bar to and do more damage so… Not that great… Honestly from what ive played in general doesnt seem to have much useses besides maybe after a overhead to fireball. Shrug… If your having trouble comboing it remember that you can attack before it looks like you can after the super… shrug…

skrull - you actually get a pretty decent amount of time to combo the fireball after a toward + H. so you can delay the qcf motion a bit, but yea, you’re going to want to tap down + buttons pretty quickly so you have enough of a window to keep the combo going. using the thrust kick after the overhead is probably the best option tho because if it hits, it combos and you get the denjin mode activation for an extended combo. if it gets blocked you activate denjin mode so you’re safe on block.

like dialupsucky said, you can input the attack slightly before the end of denjin mode activation.

i’d honestly go with the thrust kick into denjin mode or thrust kick into normal air combo then use a dhc to get a bit more damage


There I showed some damage comparrisons for some easy bnb type combos with ryu. Denjin mode vs just using shinkuu hadoken. Again I dont think its terrible useful. As you generally build just as much meter with the shinkuu hadoken combos and actually do more damage. I suppose denjin combos are easier for people that have trouble doing the shinkuu hadoken link combos though maybe…

Anywho a few others in there as well just cuz I had em’.

There are some pretty solid DHC options into it, where you get significantly more damage than just doing a DHC into Shinkuu. For point though, you could try low :m:, towards :h: xx Hadouken xx Kakusei and see if it links up. Get that SF-like Ryu low forward into big damage.

Another idea, with two bars stocked a well-timed CC (since Hadouken start-up isn’t invul) into Hadouken xx Hadou Kakusei could result in a dead character. Maybe somebody can put together a Shoryuken xx Kakusei combo for a significantly better CC options? That way you don’t have to burn xfc.

Already did those combos when the game first came out in the orginal videos. Not that great… Also shoryuken to charge up mode doesnt work, they fly to high to get a combo off it.

Ah, sucks. Well, the CC is always there (smart CC call should result in the invul window covering Ryu long enough to get out and punish the recovery of whatever move the opponent is pressuring with; in Vergil’s case, he’ll most likely be recovering since he can’t cancel whiffed moves iirc). You can give that a shot. Also, the DHC options it presents to many characters (Elemental Rage -> Kakusei, for example).

Although Denjin Mode is really cool, it’s not great. It doesn’t improve Ryu as an assist character either (If you tag him out while in Denjin Mode.)

I use it as I play Frank West. Survival Techniques > DHC into Denjin > Hard tag back into Frank, take picture > DHC back into Survival Techniques.