Problem converting a PS1 Non Dual shock to Ps3 with an InPin


Everytime I plug in my non Dual shock PS1 Pad into a Ps3 via InPin, or Pelican converter it does random inputs on its own.

What could be the cause of this?


The Pelican and inpin have never been advertised as PSX -> PS3, only as PS2 -> PS3. That’s probably it :confused:


I know for a fact that the digital M PCB ( is not compatible with the InPin. However, that’s not to say all PSX PCB’s are not compatible. I’m nearly positive (I cannot double-check at the moment) that the digital H ( will work with the InPin converter.


This is why it’s recommended that you use a PS1 dual shock for pad hacking.


^+1. i dual mod with only PS-DS1 for that specific reason =)





Yea its an M. Guess I need an H or I will get an F OOOOOOOH I MADE A FUNNY


I have a DS PS2 model A is that ok?