Problem doing dragon punch on stick *pic*

hi i got a question to the stick pros about my mas stick. had it for about 6 yrs at least now.

its just a comp stick… basically its getting harder to dragon punch (although i can still do it… its just not coming out as much). This occurs only when i’m facing right. fireballs are no problem…

when i open my stick up, i look at the microswitches… one of the metal levers (the one which controls down) isn’t bent (thanks mas??), where all of the others are…

so my question is, would bending it fix it? any advise here?

what do you use to bend it?
what if i over bend it? can i wreck the micro switch or would bending it back fix the damage?

thanks guys

you can click on the pic to enlarge it

There are no metal levers

The red buttons sticking out of the white micro switchs appear to be worn down.

Replace the microswitches and I think youll very happy

edit and while youre at it replace the white Actuator in the middle.

youre looking at aprox 5 bux + shipping. <— check em out :slight_smile:

bending it back won’t really help unless a connection is loose. just replace all 4 micorswitches with new ones and you’ll be gold

The only thing I notice that is bent in the picture are two unused contacts, which wouldn’t affect anything. The white plastic actuator and the red tabs in the microswitches are what engage the controls.

Are you sure it’s not an execution error?

edit: Oh, I didn’t notice it was 6 years old. Yeah, replace the switches.

ok guys i’ll just switch out the microswitches and Actuator.

the reason why i thought it needed to be bent was because i was reading this page:

it says:

Misato-San: A common problem is that diagnol movements are not registered even close to consistently. On some cabinets they don’t work at all. In any case, I was wondering how to fix this.

matt(v): If you look at the microswitches you will see that there is a metal lever on it. If you bend the end of this lever outward on all four of the switches it makes the diagonals more responsive. You don’t want to bend them too much or they get so responsive you can’t move anywhere EXCEPT diagonals.

And I thought I heard about it on srk but wasn’t sure.

Thanks again.

Bending the levels only applies to the Super joystick. You must be thinking of bending the terminals on the switches which will do nothing.

Those switches (Cherry microswitches) are old and need to be replaced. Here are some places to get them: (Third item down; actuator second item down.)

(I recommend the first option.)

Thanks for replying guys!

As you can probably tell I know very little about this. So I really appreciate the responses. I am trying to fix these sticks myself. Its quite the process doing it for the 1st time. I am learning slowly :slight_smile: I think you answered all my questions for this stick!