Problem: Dreamcast won't turn on

Recently I was playing my DC a bit and it never had this problem before but when I was playing Gradia two it started to hang on load times, so I’d save and turn off the DC for a bit, let it cool down and play again in a few hours and now I turn on my DC and the power light turns on for about 1/4th of a second before shutting off, I turned to google for problems and solutions and found something on the power supply and tried that (disconnecting the power supply and board from the six metal prongs to reset it somehow) but still no luck.

I guess I can always turn to Ebay or SRK’s trading forum for a new DC if worst comes to worst, but I was hoping someone here might have an answer.

Its most likely your dc power supply is going out. Pretty simple to replace but you might have to buy another dreamcast to replace that part.

I have a second dreamcast that works but the CD drive itself is screwed, I just mixed and matched the power suppy and it boots on, but instead I only get a slight buzzing noise from the second power board on.

It should be ok. You might need to clean it up a little bit. Use a q-tip and alcohol and clean dust,dirt out.