Problem on corner to corner with A-bison



ok I start using A-bison, I can corner to corner with: [Scissor kick + HK]. But to start the CC, what should I do? I’ve seen people activate the CC with:

lp lp lk scissorkick (MK) activate UNKNOWN punch, scissor kick and so on.

my question is, what is that unknown punch? I can’t seems to link it with lp mp nor Hp…but maybe thats just a timing problem. Since I can’t corner to corner, my bison can only perform PTF by forcing the enemy in to corner…:confused:


You can use s.jab against everyone but Bison. On Bison you have to combo into his Roundhouse Scissors (off of c.forward or c.strong/s.strong), and use s.strong. Combo that hit into Roundhouse Scissors.