Problem ordering stick @ amazon

I ordered the game and a SE FIghtStick back in January, in UK Amazon. Both displayed as being dispatched on Feb 19th with estimate delivery to my home in Spain for Feb 24th - Mar 2, total 104 punds. Everything ok

But the order was not dispatched the 19th. Then on 22nd (sunday) I receive an email that THE GAME (and not the joystick) has been dispatched and should be arriving on Mar 2nd. The joystick is marked as not dispatched yet and “we’ll notify you when we have an estimate” shit.

So they’re sending only the game and I have not been charged till this morning (24th), they charged me like 30 pounds for just the game.

I have no idea when will I be charged and sent the stick, I don’t even know how will they charge the shipping (will they charge it twice?). But I’m totally pissed off. The order clearly said would be dispatched on 19th and was not nearly the case. And I don’t know what can I do.

I feel you man. Here’s what they just sent me:

*Greetings from,

We’ve been informed by Mad Catz that release date for the Street Fighter IV controller will be delayed by about 2 weeks. We apologize for the delay and have deposited a gift certificate of $20 in your account to make up for the inconvenience.

We look forward to seeing you again at


Customer Service*

This is fucking retarded to say the least. I have actually played with a dude who was using one, so it has not been delayed…

My guess is that they took too many preorders and now have to wait for the second wave.

At least they gave you a gift certificate.

But yeah, it makes me wonder. If you pre-order, I would hope that means that they verify that they actually have stock for you. I mean, sure demand was greater than expected, but then they should have closed pre orders after they had sold their stock. I mean, otherwise, whats the point of pre ordering? You are supposed to be guaranteed your item if you pre order, not in your case obviously.

I guess you did get a $20 gift voucher out of it though, so its not all bad.

I got the same email message from Amazon today as well. I agree that it is ridiculous although I blame Mad Catz not Amazon. Why would you hype a product to the extent that Mad Catz and Capcom did and not have enough ready to ship? I mean practically every videogame website was throwing the damn thing in your face:confused: Amazon would have been better to upgrade everyones shipping to “next day” on the stick rather than the $20 gift certificate.

You do realize that overnight is cheaper than $20 right?

I just cancelled my madcatz fightpad from amazon (I’m in the UK).

It’s a shame because I had it for a r4eally cheap price and now the price has jumped I would have made a saving. However, I’m not 100% satisfied that the product I will be buying is actually a good quality product.

With so many horror stories regarding the pads, I’ll just stick with the 360 Analog stick.

Maybe once Madcatz revise their design, I’ll buy one.

P.S. Cachocapu, my game was also dipatched without the controller. They won’t charge you for your fightstick until they dispatch it.

I’d rather get the stick ASAP than buy something else from Amazon after this.

You do realize you can use the $20 GC on the TE pre-order right? It’ll cover the overnight shipping and then some.

Wow, can’t believe you guys would rather have your stick overnighted instead of waiting 2 weeks and getting $20. I’d gladly take $20 and wait.

well, for some people $20 is chump change and would gladly pay just to play sooner.

i also have to wait till april, i just reused the 20 to the order for the TE Stick.

I’ve not even received the $20 GC mail.

And I don’t want a fucking gift certificate. I just don’t want to be cheated. I could’ve been playing the game for a week already. I thought of taking some days off of work just to play, I finally didn’t, but what if I had? I would’ve lost days because some people sold more items than they had.

I’m so pissed off

my amazon preorder from GameWorldStore on amazon got cancelled… YESTERDAY.


Wow, I’m surprised they even gave the 20 dollars store credit. They could have just said “We’re Sorry” and made the buyers wait the extra month unless they had a way to cancel. good customer service.

You’re being ironic, right? Either that or you like to be robbed…

Good customer service is not handing out gifts when you cheat people. Good customer service is selling only what you actually have and not what you wish you could sell.

I’ve already sent them a very kind email.


Well, I have had this done to me on Ebay twice now with the TE which really annoyed me, because with my situation, I still would get no guarantee to a TE. And we can’t really blame Amazon for the whole fiasco as they just couldn’t get as many units in as they thought they were supposed to do. And I like how they still kept the product up compared to other sites like vgc.

TBH, I wouldn’t mind being on the wait list for Amazon if they would let me and also would not mind a little store credit.

This is just the situation all of us are in and Amazon is certainly trying to make amends.

Well, I have just received the game. 3 days since it was dispatched on 22nd (or so they say), from UK to Spain. Credit where due, it’s been quite fast. There had to be something good after all…

And well, I don’t mind if everyone is in this situation. All that matters is they promised something they did not do, and that is bad from any point of view. I doubt they didn’t know how many sticks were receiving… I’m more inclined to think they just opened up the preorders with no limitation, probably they did not expect such a huge demand, but that’s really not my problem, it’s theirs.