PROBLEM : the characters appear bugean or half

[FONT=arial]along with health and I am very upset that you install the SF4 and SF4 ae and both come [/FONT]with the characters bugs ; the cause? I do not know…searching in google and other forumsehnotfind anythinghow to fix this.As if tha twas not explicit video of the bug here:


[FONT=arial]remember to saythat I have an ATI graphics card of 786MB Radeon HD 4250 ; hopefully[/FONT]find asolutionas I am desperate toplay and nothaveeh…from already thank you very much

LMFAO, now that’s what I call mind games lol

…at least Viper is actually playing something that looks like Street Fighter in that video. :tup:


Uploaded by Label0 on Feb 22, 2009
A bug I came across in Street Fighter 4, fixed by clearing my systems cache.

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