Problem w/ players wins/losses

I’ve started to notice this a lot more since the 23mb update. Before the match it’ll display each players wins losses but the opponents numbers are all messed up.

It’ll display them as something like 13 wins 40 losses before the match and then after the match you see that it was really 213 wins.

The glitch seems to be dropping off the 3rd digit on some people’s records and I think this is effecting the online match making process.

I select “same” ranked battle and end up fighting people who are much much better than me.

Note this is not a complaint against good players at all just something I’ve experienced playing online. Fighting people who are really good has shown me some cool things but I would like to fight against people on my own level from time to time considering that i’m not very good at the game.

That’s because rank doesn’t necessarily mean how good you are.

I can confirm this is also present on the xbox 360 880kb update… Before the match players win/loss ratio is less than there true score displayed at the end of the match…

Im definitely at 129 wins and it shows me at 1 win


It’s gonna match you up with really bad people and the wins will keep piling up and that will continue to reinforce the game matching you up with horrible players.

Great job Capcom! lol

After the patch, it shows I was 1-25 with a 12 win streak… lol

I hate this glitch but just look at there “rank title”, if it says “fighter” they are a scrub. then there is 1st-9th lord (9th being worst) and you can sort of guess their rank

Yeah, happens all the time to me. I’m a 5th lord with 30 wins going into a match, then 160 or so after the match. Scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it, now I just laugh and go on my way.

I play PSN BTW, so guess it’s happening on both systems.

I don’t see how it matters but it is noticeable, it also shows my win rate at 0% when it should be much lower.

It happened to me after I got 5th lord too.

Probably a 5th lord thing… :rofl:

I don’t really see it as a problem anymore. Not that I care about it but casuals who start a match and see some person who has played lets say 1k+ games might just turn off the console and do something else.

Personally I never thought of it being a serious issue, since it always displayed accurate results after the match took place. It might have something to do with the latest update I’d major.

Ya you’re right but I think the problem that it does create (for beginners) is that the pairing up of “same” rating in ranked matches is giving beginners with a low score paired up with advanced people with a score of like 10-25 when they really have like 150-25. That’s what some people posted in other threads.

I’ve gotten 1 hate mail, and 1 question mail about this already…

Guy #1 said I was a hacker and I changed my ratio to play lower rank people.
Guy #2 asked how I did it and could I teach him…


Bleh. This is really messing with me. I’ve seen people with 0 wins, 40 something losses, when in reality it’s 152 wins.

Yeah lol I’m getting owned by people when their records before the match are awful