Problem with 27" SDTV

I have a 27" Sanyo CRT SDTV that I use to play games on, the specific model number is ds27510. Now, the problem is that when I play games using my PS2 and DC on it via composite or even RF (bleh) it has these small black bars about a centimeter wide (maybe a little less) on the left and right. The games look fine otherwise, but I’ve had no luck so far in finding out how to get rid of the black bars. Does anyone know how to get rid of these if it’s even possible?

Many thanks in advance to anyone that can help or provide info~

1st problem is it’s a Sanyo.
2nd problem is you use composite and rf
3rd problem is obviously the black bars, which you probably can’t fix without getting into the set’s hidden service menu. Sounds like an under scan problem.

I don’t know which model you have but this works on my work Sanyo…

Hold the ‘menu’ button when plugging the tv in. Once its on then, toggle
up/down with channel buttons and change values with volume buttons.
Turn off then on and values should be set.

NotANoob81 is not responsible if you fubar your tv by mucking around the service menu

I’ll be sure to try that out, thanks alot~

Okay, another problem, I got to the hidden service menu… But now I have no idea what any of the values do, little help anyone?

What are some of the values presented?

The first one that shows up says: 01 HFR 28 00011100

I’m sorry bubba, but I’ve no idea what that is. On our Sanyo, it bought of a ‘Super Brightness’ menu for us to easily adjust. Good luck.