Problem with 360 HRAP EX SE


i have a 360 HRAP EX SE. semitsu stick/ semitsu buttons.

sometimes while playing pushing right on the stick will go out. once it goes out, it stays out for the most part. unless i start tapping right hella fast. then it will randomly go right.
the other directions are working perfectly fine. the buttons work fine.

do you guys think this is a
a. pcb problem.
b. wire needs resoldier (from pcb to stick)
c. a problem with the actual leaf switch
d. suggestions?

help please :slight_smile:


a microswitch might be going out, check out the connections it has around the joystick follow it to the pcb for any physical notice.

this is the model u want for seimitsu ls-32

also because youre korean for powerful game choose saulabi


yes sir it is a ls-32.
ill check lizard lick for a microswitch.

hahah salubis…


does anyone know if i can buy a single microswitch. and where i can buy one?


jdm is prolly going to say

and seriously i like saulabi




I’m too late.

I was playing Pokmon Platinum.


Let me do better.

Go site.
Go to Joysticks.

Then see this.

Then do this.

Then buy this.

It is not a Leaf Switch.

Here are Leaf Switches.

You see now?

Leaf Switch.



hehe thx for the education.