Problem with 360?



My 360 started not being able to read newer discs. It says unable to read disk please clean and retry. I do that and the game works but the 360 makes funny noises.

Can this have somthing to do with me not being able to find games that have a good connection or make my side laggy? Ive had my 360 since 2 months after launch.

I check my connection and its ok. Im just getting pissed because I cant play!!!11 dont know whats wrong.


Your disc drive died, or is dying. Same thing happened to my 360 and I had it around launch also. You’ll either have to replace the disc drive, send it to Microsoft, or buy a new xbox. The best way to stop your disc drive from dying is to go to the dashboard before you turn your xbox off, or so I’m told. They have random “fixes” on youtube but they didn’t work for me, feel free to try them.

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