Problem with artwork for WWE brawlstick

So I went through the process, got an artwork made up, printed it at FedEx Office, trimmed it, peeled off my previous artwork, and lo and behold, its doesn’t seem to be the right size exactly? I know it’s got that downward slant so I don’t know how that would factor it, but I haven’t attempted to place the new graphic on due to the fact it just doesn’t line up and the side edges aren’t long enough it seems. Is there a different template and I used the wrong one or something? Like, if I line up the control pannel, the joystick hole and the buttons don’t match up, and vice versa for when the other two are lined up (line up one, the other two won’t fit). Here’s an image so you have an idea, but is there anything I can do or do I have to get this reworked and reprinted? =/

100% (No Scale) at 300 DPI print.

And the layer with the circles and Turbo Panel should be turned off.
Especially with the Template that says Property of Mad Catz.
Because that Template is totally wrong.

Erm if you could explain what you mean by 300 DPI print it would be much appreciated. Also what you mean by the layers should be turned off? And if it’s photoshopping things, someone had done this for me, and I believe he used the SE MadCatz template off Capcom Unity.

I can’t explain it for you. :sad:
Just say that I typed to the person at FedEx Kinko’s.

Layers is a Photoshop thing, yes.

Then that is the not good Template.
This is the only one which should be used.

Hmm what the hell. Certainly looks like a a bad template issue. Or maybe the image was resized to to fit the width of the paper… that’s what it also looks like. Make sure you rotate the image so it’s “long” if that makes sense. So it’s the length of the paper.

I did the template/photoshopping at home and took my picture to kinkos for a lami label as well. Cutting was a bitch, but it fit allright.

Not sure if it’s a bad template or if it was a print error. When I first went to print my artwork at Fed Ex/ Kinkos, they fit the image to the page instead of continuing past the warning that says “some of the image will be cropped” when printing at actual size.