Problem with Blaster

I’m playing on a PS3 and it’s really hard to hold on one button while doing the comboes to charge the blaster, does anybody have a button configuration or tips that make this easier? is not that hard to hold the H (Circle) button, and press the otrher two (Square and Triangle) but when I’m trying to hold L (Square) It’s a complete different story. (I use Type alpha controller configuration)

index for :l:, middle for :m:, ring for :h:, thumb for :s: or switch to index sometimes.

I play with a controller and have my assist on R1 and L1, so I can’t play with my hand like that, I must use my thumb for all of them >.<

But calling assists it’s quick so you can switch fingers easily. That’s how I play when my job at my local arcade is to unlock characters with a pad :frowning:

switch your L2 button to Light thats what i use when i play on pad…

There’s a Zero player in my scene that uses a pad, and he configures one of the triggers to L, so he’s always charging the buster.

switch one trigger to L. Switch the other trigger to M+H. It can be difficult to press M and H at the same time consistently on pad, because you have to press both of them with your thumb (and I like having a dash button).

For button switching combos, you’ll generally want to charge with L and switch to charging with H during a multihit move (like 6H) if you want to use L again at some point.

Eventually, you want to get comfortable with charging with any attack button at any time (if you’re charging with L all the time, then you won’t have access to 5L, which is SOOOO GOOOOD). I personally charge with L if they’re mid screen or farther (access to M and H to stuff approaches or for M command dash or j.H) and switch to charging with H if they’re closer (L and M for close->midrange pokes). I rarely charge with M outside of combos though (and only use it for a few specific combos anyway).

I never thought about that i have just been using M to start my combos i guess your right i’m missing out on some nice L pokes i will try that, i play on stick so its easier to switch but i’m still new at it so ill practice it.

I was thinking that of putting :l: on the L2 trigger that is by default :a1: + :a2: And got to start practicing on my buster charging, from all the videos I’ve seen it helps a lot to follow up into combos, and my options get really shortened without it’s use.
Thank you guys!!!

I use L on R2 and M on L2…
everything else is control Type alpha…

this way I can even switch charges using only the triggers to do it.
Pressing M+H with your thumb should be as easy as it gets