Problem with CE stick

I just bought a CE stick, but when I move the stick from the bottom to the right, it doesn’t register the right input because it doesn’t reach the red input button inside. It works for any other input, like from right to down, it works perfectly, but not down to right. From the looks of it on the inside, it seems the base plate looks a little uneven, but I’m not entirely sure because I’ve never used a stick.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Did you mean SE stick? The pins on the wire harness on the joystick may be the problem. The one responsible for right might need to be gently bent with needle nose pliers so the metal makes contact.

How would I be able to get to those pins? By removing the plastic top-like thing at the top? I’m extremely new to this, so sorry for the hassle.

EDIT: I was able to get inside and take the washer off, and it seemed like when I moved the stick around, it worked fine. So I put it back together but the problem still happens. And now I found out the same thing happens if I move the stick up and to the right as well. If I do that it, move it from up to right, all I get is a jump up. Is there a technique or something that I can use, like adding something onto the stick, like some tape, or maybe philing away some of the washer on the right side of the middle so there’s more room to move the stick to the right?