Problem with commenting on SRK


hey guys, ive been trying to read some of the comments in resent posts and i have only been able to view the very first comment. there seems to be nothing wrong with the content in the post except the comments. i have tried viewing them as a guest (not logged in) and i am able to see them with no problem. so im wondering if there is something wrong with my settings, is this a form of penalization, or is this a problem with SRK. if anyone has this problem or has had this problem, please let me know what should be done. thanks


I think it’s a problem with SRK.

I can’t see the article contents as well as only being able to see the first comment.

SRK has been a little messed up lately, just wait for them to get back into full gear.


Okay, I just can’t see the latest articles content/comments