Problem with costumes


i got today my copy of SFxT…i got it from america,and i live in europe and have an account on “Ireland Play Station network”….i already bought and downloaded the ryu/lili swap costumes since i want to main them for now,but when i go into the game and want to customize the characters and when i choose my swap costume , it says "You must download this costume to use it.Would you like to view details about the downloadable content containing this costume. YES/NO? " …i am like WTF but still pres YES and then a mesage pops up “You cannot download this content at this time”

ok,since i am new to this shit can some1 pls explain me what have i done wrong,or is it maybe a problem cause i got my copy from america but i am from europe and purchased my costume in the IRELAND PSN STORE??? pls help

Ohh yeah and i forgot also the PSN exlusive free characters like mega man,kuro toro,pac man are unavailable to me after downloading them,they are greyed-out in the character selection screen (not that i need them but just saying)


So to clarify, You’re from Ireland, running a EU account on a EU PS3 and you have a US copy of SFxT? If that’s correct, as stupid as it sounds you must have European copy of SFxT in order for the DLC to work properly with the game. That is unless ii’m totally off base. Did you download the costumes from the In-game store or from the PlayStation Store?


thx for your reply…yes you are corect above the country-purchase-copy situation… i bought my costumes from the PSN store,not the in-game store

i mean its only 2e i dont care for that ofcourse,just wanted to know what hapened


I have a feeling its because you have a US copy of SFxT. You need to get your hands on a EU Copy of SFxT and your costumes should work properly.


I guess the best way to avoid this is getting the DLC’s in-game indeed.


Capcom’s DLC is usually region locked. If you want those DLCs to work, you need a EU copy of SFxT.