Problem with diagonals on hacken 360 PCB

As the title says I’m having some problems with diagonals on my hacken official 360 PCB (wired), the problem is that when I’m testing it in Windows control panel I can see that the right/up and right/down diagonals won’t always register, the same problem doesn’t seem to occur on the left side of the stick (Sanwa JLF with octo gate).

What could be the problem here? Or will it work fine on the 360 (I don’t own one myself)?

ps. topic title should say “hacked” in stead of “hacken”. xP

By the looks of it, seems to be a problem with the stick, not the PCB.
If the stick works on the PC, it’ll be the same on the 360 (and vice versa), except triggers which aren’t working properly on Windows.