Problem with directional inputs for modded xbox 360 T.E. S with ps360+


Hello I have question about stick modding. I am modding xbox 360 madcatz tournament edition s with a PS360+. The buttons work just fine but the directions are doing something weird. My character will flinch for the initial direction input and stops. Up, down, left, right inputs only get flinches and jump. What am I doing wrong? I apologize if this info is anywhere else and I am on mibbit chat but nobody is responding.


Do you have any pictures of your wiring? It’d be helpful to see visual details of how you installed the ps360+


Thank you for responding eltrouble, in the image I have connected the black wire harness to the ps360+ pcb in this order. The top black wire connected to the jlf is the 1st wire after the red 5v chord for the opitcal switches. I then placed each wire afterwards right next to each other in order which should leave me with ground wire for the last black wire plugged into the ps360+. I dont know what I did wrong. Hopefully you can help.


Change out the optical for a regular switch assembly, once verified to work put the optical back in and verify with a multimeter that your directions and ground are set right and that the optical is getting 5v.


Thank you everybody, the wires were placed correctly. The issue was the usb cable, I think usb cable was outdated had it over 10 years, I purchased a new one and everything worked properly. My new problem is figuring out which wire is used for the guide (home) button and do I used the kill ground or the ground wire and when I find these wires. The problem is the wire harness is upside down and packed tight in the corner, the only way I see is trial and error. This is so confusing. Thank you everybody for looking and replyng.