Problem with execution/d-pad inputs

hey, I just started playing on mame and kaillera after having read fatherbrain’s newbie guide and getting the recommended PS-adaptor. Following his instructions and inputting the directions for my stick ( a HRAP ) and then going to test it, it seems that while my buttons work fine… I have a hard time executing moves, especially the down, downforward, forward motions and circular motions. Unless I do them in a slow, deliberate motion, I am unable to consistently pull off the d-pad motions… it seems as though they’re not being recognized at fast intervals. Anyone encounter this or have any suggestions? Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

have you tried the same moves on a regular ps1 or 2? perhaps the stick is shit like mine?

in mame go to Options --> Default Options then got to the Controllers tab, Try toggling the Use Direct Input box to see if you get a good response time, that worked for me in game like MvC. I also have a HRAP but the response isn’t fast enough for me for some reason, so I mostly use pad.

I guess you just can’t beat authentic gaming

Wow. I just tried it with my Dual Shock and it responds perfectly. I guess this is the way to go, then. Hail fatherbrain, hail RockLee.

Some of those adaptors have input delay issues.
Especially the ones at Radioshack.

You’re better off getting the ones from Lik-Sang or Playasia.
Those are better and cost about the same.