Problem with Fat PS2 - Disk Drive Not Spinning Help

So I was playing Street Fighter 3 Third Strike on my ps2 and all of a sudden it just froze. I restarted the system and nothing just stayed in the browser screen. I opened the system and I noticed the lens all it dues is goes up and down. and it doesn’t spin at all. any Ideas on how I can fix this. Thanks in advance.

Nevermind I’m just going to Buy a ps2 Slim and mod it. Does the PS2 Slim play PS1 games?

Yes, the slim plays PS1 games.

Did you check if the ribbon cable came loose? There is one which controls the laser and one which controls the drive. If the cable for the drive died, then it’s not going to spin. If the cable looks fine and tight, then the drive might’ve just shit itself.

Yea I opened it a little more and checked the ribbon cable. and it’s fine. I think the drive just took a shit I’m just going to buy a slim and mod it. The newer slims are easy modded right? because I do have Imports that I wanna Play on the slim.

Use your phat PS2’s casing for a stick mod project!

I’m pretty sure it is, at least based on the number of modded slim PS2s I see for sale where I live.

Yeah, the slims are easily modded. You can either buy some “keys” to hold some switches or open it up and do the tape mod if you want to swap. If you don’t want to swap, get Free MCboot. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this.

Find a network adapter, IDE hard drive, and use HDLoader. You’ll thank me later.

I have that also on my modded PS2 with HD advance, I’m just gonna have to sell my modded ps2 and 350GB HDD for parts now. I don’t know yet.