Problem with HAPP Competition & KOF!

Hello all. Well i bought a HAPP competition and it is a great joystick but im having a little problem with it. The thing is when i make a special move like Roberts Ryos or Yori´s that you have to go “quarter circle forward” and then “half circle back” i manage to do it only in one side of the screen, in the other is very hard to do it. Why is that? Is that something normal in the HAPP competitions? The same thing happens with simpler moves like “quarter circle forward + punch or kick” i got ir right only from one side if i go to the other is very hard or i have to be much more precise. Anyone could enlight me? Thanks.

If you installed the activator wrong, hitting corners will be extremely difficult. Disassemble the stick, make sure it’s in 8 way mode. One of my local arcades had this same problem.

oops. i’m thinking the super.

Same problem, different thread, try making sure the actuator is nice and tight against the stick itself.

Your hand is not symetrical in terms of the joystick. It should be expected that if you got the motion right one way, you will be using entirely different muscles to the same motion the opposite way.

You might have a bad actuator. Try replacing it with an IL Eurostick if it turns out that you do.

Thank you all. Ill see if the actuator is really tight or faulty. I bought an eurostick already and im waiting for it. When it comes ill see, but this weekend ill do more testing. Thanks.,