Problem with Happs Joystick

SO, I just finished wiring my joystick. My case isn’t ready, but I took a spare piece of wood, drilled the holes, and hooked everything up.

First the good news. Everything works. All buttons respond :smiley:

The bad news. The stick is not smooth at all. Its an ultimate joystick, 8 way. I think the problem is with the 8 way actuator. If I slightly pull the stick up wards, it is way more smooth. I have the E-Ring in which holds it in place, although it only goes on maybe halfway. Do I need to force it in? Any clue whats wrong/how to fix the smoothness? Like I said, If I life up the stick just a little bit, it rases the actuator where it goes along the switches much, much smoother. I thought about putting some pennies under the washer as a temp fix. One other thing that may be a sign of something wrong, if I twist the joystick, the actuator twists. Not sure if it should do that, I could see it causing problems maybe?

Thanks :slight_smile:

What do you mean by smoothness? You might just not be used to real Happ parts. If you followed any instructions when mounting it, could you post them here so we can see what you did?

Ill post some pictures. maybe I got somethng wrong, but the stick, well, seems to stick. Especially when pushed right. If I just pull on the stick a little bit I can make a nice smooth circle.

This is the mounting diagram.

My Digital camera is on the fritz :frowning: No pictures anytime soon of my install.

I don’t think you got the little bottom piece on all the way. Can you put the little “e” washer on there? I had to take a hammer and an appropriately sized hex-nut to get it on there when I used one. Again, you should be able to get the “e” washer on there easily if the square piece on the bottom is far enough on.

Is it that it basically feels like it’s hitting a wall? I believe that this is fully intentional: while Happ sticks don’t have gates, I believe the actuator hitting the outer wall of the switch is what you’re experiencing.

Hmm… here are some questions in consideration,
How old is the Happ controller because the new Happ pieces are manufactured in China. IL is the new company that incorporates the old Happ features and it is very very durable. I believe that the Happ controllers today are very flaky when it comes to their function.

I think this might be you’re problem right there :confused:

Out of all the Happ Joysticks, the Ultimate Joystick is the worst of the bunch. I think it has to do mainly with the build itself, it’s sloppy and cheap.

I say you scrap the Ultimate and get a Happ Competition, or even better, get an iL 8-Way Eurojoystick from
Here is the Happ faqs.

definitely junk that ultimate stick and get the iL eurostick.

I think it may have something to do with this. When I move it right, there is a definate resistance there before a solid click, that is unlicke in other directions. If I pull on the joystick (I remember doing this in arcades, and seeing pennyes put under it) it is totally smooth The only direction I feel the resistance in is when I move right. The gate moves smooth around the rest. Or, should say, the square actuator as its called n the directions I think.

I cannot get the E Washer on all the way, and to push the actuator up higher, I used one of the washers that came with it. The big cylindrical ones and inch big. It holds it in place, in one of the cutouts, maybe I just screwed the pooch with placing that? and all my problems lie in it?

I Do know If I place 2 penies old school arcade style under the washer, its smooth. But they don’t stay, though I guess I could make something permanent to recatfy it.

Its only on the rght direction it seems to stick though :confused: